Transforming Ordinary to Extraodinary

When you want to transform an ordinary meal to something truly extraordinary – look no further than Yo Momma’s Style products. See a few ideas below and then try some new combinations of your own.

Have you ever picked up a jar of peach and pepper jam, and said to yourself what in the world would I do with this? Well I am the kind of person that says put more peppers in it and while your at it warm some up, thin with a little olive oil, brush it on some nicely roasted chicken pieces.

roasted chicken with peach and pepper jam

Why yes Chipotle and Raspberry jelly is delicious brushed on some slow cooked pulled pork sandwiches. How about some dry rubbed baby back ribs slathered with some Sweet, Spicy, and Savory. You’ll think you have died and gone to pork heaven!

chipotle and raspberry jam

Entertaining tonight what ever should I put out?? Well how about a nice Brie cheese, sourdough bread, and Bacon and fig jam. Your guests won’t want to leave until the plate is clean.

brie with fig and bacon jam

And please put more Bacon in that Bacon and Fig Jam, because everything is better with bacon!

strawberry balsamic vinegar with cream cheese

Can someone please make some cream cheese and Raspberry Chipotle Jelly stuffed sour dough french toast with real maple syrup for breakfast!

Yo Momma’s Apple date and walnut butter is a fine way to dress up a simple bowl of oatmeal. Add a few slices bananas, and you’ll be starting  your day happy and loved 🙂

Oatmeal with apple butter and bannana

Yo Momma’s Apple Butter will kind of remind you of an Apple Pie, just in a jar!

yo momma's apple butter

For a truly elegant desert, spoon some Blackberry Cinnz jam lovingly over a vanilla ice cream filled crepe, and a little gourmet chocolate sauce might just sent it over the top.

crepe with blackberry cinnz jam and whipped cream

How about some warm Bread Pudding topped with Wilds Maine Bleusaberry Jam? Now that will make you feel all warm and loved!!

Yo Momma's Style finals 8-18-16 001 (2)

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